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October 2023: Charitable Donation Committee Selects Quarterly Recipients

Church Health and Memphis Child Advocacy Center among those chosen by Charitable Donation Committee.

We are delighted to announce that the Adams Keegan Charitable Donation Committee has chosen the following organizations to be recipients for funding in the 3rd Quarter of 2023.

Raising a Reader Massachusetts: An organization dedicated to early literacy family engagement that aims to address and minimize the literacy opportunity gap among children from birth to age six within economically disadvantaged communities surrounding the Boston area. By providing comprehensive and tailored literacy programs, Raising a Reader Massachusetts endeavors to empower families and equip young children with the necessary tools for lifelong learning and success.

Church Health: Church Health's overarching mission to provide essential healthcare services to individuals and families who lack adequate health insurance coverage. Party Off the Plaza is their largest fundraising party of the year and will take place on November 4, 2023. Through this event, Church Health aims to foster community engagement and raise crucial funds to sustain its impactful programs and initiatives.

Memphis Child Advocacy Center: With a strong focus on prevention, education, and intervention, the Memphis CAC continues to prioritize the well-being and protection of vulnerable children, striving to create a safer and more secure environment for their physical, emotional, and psychological recovery. Their annual gala will take place on Thursday, October 26, and aids the vision of the Memphis CAC, which is to serve child victims of sexual and physical abuse. 

ARISE2Read: An organization firmly committed to the belief that fostering one-to-one connections with students can lead to a substantial enhancement in literacy skills, while simultaneously offering faith-based support. ARISE2Read strives towards building a cohesive community where children possess strong literacy capabilities and experience a profound sense of value and appreciation. Moreover, they aspire to create an environment where every child can recognize and fulfill their God-given potential, contributing to the collective growth of the entire community.

We are proud to support these remarkable and diligent organizations. 

At our quarterly gatherings, the Charitable Donation Committee reviews and assesses all donation requests directed to Adams Keegan. Our Employee of the Year Committee comprises staff members nominated by their peers in our quarterly TEAM Awards. Alongside gathering contributions from employees for non-profits they support, the committee also evaluates requests from external entities.



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