What’s in a mandate? Navigating OSHA’s new workplace vaccine rules

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In early September, the Biden administration unveiled a new piece of its pandemic response plan. An emerging Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule will require companies with more than 100 employees to either ensure those workers are vaccinated or provide proof of a negative test each week before reporting for their jobs. This unprecedented step raises the stakes considerably for business owners.

I’m hiring — Where are the candidates?

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As we emerge from the pandemic and the economy improves, many organizations affected by COVID-19 are looking to boost their workforce and respond to improved demand for their products and services. With still-high rates of unemployment, one might think that this is an environment that favors the hiring company, but the reality doesn’t seem to reflect that perception.

4 ways to better attract & retain employees

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Positions in homecare can be equal parts challenging and rewarding. The often grueling nature of the work can be offset by the feeling of making a tangible difference in someone’s life. But in many cases, the inevitable hardships of the job outweigh the benefits, and good workers leave their positions.

Your Employees Are Vaccinated – Now What?

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COVID-19 vaccinations passed the 200-million mark in the United States last week, which means certain workforces might have the majority of employees fully vaccinated. In recent months, we’ve discussed guidance from the EEOC and California’s DFEH regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates, vaccine incentives, tracking employee vaccinations, and even vaccine passports. However, the question remains — what measures can employers take once employees are vaccinated?

Boosting Employee Engagement in the Restaurant Industry

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Employee engagement – specifically increasing engagement to reduce turnover rates – is a frequently discussed topic that concerns businesses in all industries. However, when it comes to the restaurant industry, employee turnover is all too common for most operators. An honest evaluation of your employee engagement approach is a key step in understanding the root causes of employee turnover. Joe Ruzicka, Director of Business Development at Adams Keegan, shares three ways to improve engagement in your restaurant.

Considerations for Establishing Your COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

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The long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines are finally available, and distribution has begun in the U.S. Employers, in anticipation of the widespread availability of the vaccine, are beginning to inquire whether they can mandate employee vaccinations. Some employers have already begun the process of implementing vaccine policies, while others are still considering the best course of action. Trevor Benitone, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer at Adams Keegan, shares important considerations and legal obligations for establishing your COVID-19 vaccination policy.

4 Key Factors in Creating an Onboarding Process

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Homecare operators are all too aware that attracting and retaining employees can be difficult. And as the population continues to age, the demand for caregivers will only increase. These challenges become even more problematic in a world with COVID-19, where families may be less likely to entrust their loved ones to facility-based care. Brian Evans, Senior Care Practice Leader at Adams Keegan, shares four key factors you should consider to create a meaningful onboarding process.

Navigating Employee Handbook Changes in a COVID-19 World

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Every restaurant business needs some form of an employee handbook. This vital management tool is more than just a long list of workplace rules and regulations. It’s an introduction to your company culture and a road map for how to operate. It should serve as a guide for your employees to reference on an ongoing basis. Joe Ruzicka, Director of Business Development at Adams Keegan, shares more on how to navigate employee handbook changes in a COVID-19 world.

What Marijuana Laws Mean for Your Restaurant Business

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Although still illegal at the federal level, some states have legalized marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes, while others have only legalized it for medical use. Whether in favor of or against these new marijuana laws, restaurant businesses that operate in multiple states need to be especially careful about how they approach marijuana in workplace situations. Joe Ruzicka, Director of Business Development at Adams Keegan, shares more on what new marijuana laws might mean for your business.

How to Navigate Bringing Employees Back to Work

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, employers in the homecare industry have faced decisions that require adjusting schedules and reducing staffing levels to ensure the safety of employees and patients alike. As businesses return to a level of relative normalcy in their operations, employers are faced with yet another challenge, knowing how and when to bring back staff affected by the coronavirus or its associated economic downturn. Read on as we discuss a few common concerns employers in the homecare industry are facing and explore effective ways to address them.