Tips for Recruiting Your Next Great Hire

People are the primary factor to any organization’s success. But, so often, companies are quick to hire simply to fill empty seats, which in turn can lead to a higher turnover rate.

Putting more time, energy and personality into the recruiting process enables long-term economic success for your business.

Think of human capital as the most important investment you can make. Hiring individuals who are passionate about their work and enthusiastic about their workplace will lead to a better quality of work. Plus, your current employees will work better with better hires, leading to increased productivity.

Better quality of work plus increased productivity is a formula for success.

It’s imperative that you spend time and energy understanding your company’s brand and perception. Great people want to work for great companies. If your organization and people are not positively (or appropriately) conveying the brand, it is likely that strong candidates may pass up potential opportunities at your workplace.

Recruiters should be experts on an organization’s brand and culture, so that they can accurately convey it to candidates.

Strong communication is also essential to securing the best pool of potential employees. Communication often starts with the job description. These listings should reflect the brand’s personality and contain unique content to catch candidates’ attention.

Hiring managers should maintain a collection of star candidates to come back to, should another opportunity arise. Keep the lines of communication open and nurture these relationships, so that your company is always in the back of their minds.

Thoroughly screening candidates can be time-consuming, but it’s of the utmost importance. Phone calls and in-person interviews are critical steps in determining whether or not the candidate and organization are the right fit. Researching a candidate’s online presence is valuable and can help prevent future problems.

Taking the time to check references is also beneficial, as it is a proven way to get to know more about the candidate. Once you have properly screened them, make the process more personal by having a lunch or meeting with additional members of the team.

No matter how pressed you are for time or how little energy you may have, do not rush the interview. Use your time wisely and get to know the people sitting in front of you. Make these individuals feel as comfortable as possible, and they are more likely to be themselves and open up about their experience and skillset.

Always remember that when you are adding individuals to your team, you are adding people who represent your company and its values.

You’re not just filling positions; you’re selecting your organization’s future leaders. These leaders will enable your business to maintain the values on which it was built, while achieving long-term growth and sustainable success.

By Kristin Lockhart  –  Vice President of recruiting services at Adams Keegan.

This article originally appeared in Memphis Business Journal.