How Does Compliance Benefit You?

According to a reader poll conducted by HR Dive, 53 percent of respondents consider state and local laws their top compliance concern of 2018. New laws and guidelines concerning salary history, criminal history, minimum wage and paid leave are among those passed this year that employers must comply with beginning next year. Although compliance with HR and administrative guidelines is crucial, there are two important benefits you shouldn’t overlook—and one that might surprise you.

With a human resources information system that is integrated with other business systems, like point-of-sale (POS), general ledger or applicant tracking systems, managers can work smarter and more efficiently by delegating some often-cumbersome tasks to automation. In an article compiled by the Forbes Human Resources Council, managers have been known to increase efficiency and decrease risk by utilizing simple processes and checklists that work together. Not only does this leave more time to manage staff and complete essential tasks, but also it frees up time to focus on big-picture business issues. Reducing or removing the user error element simplifies compliance, so both your employees and customers will benefit from the additional time and create even more opportunities to improve your bottom line.

With so many states passing various versions of employment laws and guidelines, compliance is more detailed than ever—especially for multi-state operations. One cloud-based system that integrates payroll, benefits and employee information can eliminate the need for all that data to be entered separately, which often happens with non-integrated systems. Systems that keep track of line-item compliance laws minimize risk, while also saving time.

An added benefit that’s often surprising is the ease of paperless operations. How much in time, money and human capital could you save if the majority of your record management operations were automated?

HR services can foster accountability and development on both the individual and organizational level, but in order to do it right, you need a HRIS that comes with human experts, who understand your company’s unique culture. Efficenter and the experts at Adams Keegan can create an organized, long-term solution to adopting new compliance regulations throughout multi-state operations, without sacrificing time or culture.