Efficenter Overview and Benefits

Efficenter® is Adams Keegan’s proprietary, cloud-based human resources information system (HRIS) platform that unburdens managers and streamlines operations at every level.

Efficenter is not “software-as-a-service,” but rather an easy-to-use technology system that works hand-in-hand with Adams Keegan's on-call HR experts to support employees and ensure regulatory compliance. It enables stand-alone and legacy systems to communicate with each other, while seamlessly integrating general ledger, point-of-sale, applicant tracking and other internal or third-party systems. Fully configurable automation eliminates many administrative tasks, and frees employees and administrators from manual, paper-based routines. Popular functions include Payroll and Timekeeping, Reporting, HR Administration, Employee Benefits and Benefits Administration, but regardless of specifics, Efficenter was designed to benefit all users with four essential features – integration, simplicity, security, and reliability.


Complex systems often demand attention from multiple departments unnecessarily. Paper-based systems and complex processes can monopolize time and resources that could be better served elsewhere. By listening to and learning from our clients to better understand their culture, our specialists can analyze which processes currently work well and what could be improved. Since Efficenter is a proprietary, configurable system, Adams Keegan can adapt it to fit client needs while creating more efficient processes and eliminating redundancies.  Efficenter becomes the hub of a simplified system that integrates with existing systems, saving time and money.


Efficenter was designed with ease of use for the employee in mind.  Adams Keegan believes that a first-time Efficenter user should be able to easily and intuitively navigate the system without manuals and calls to help desks.


Nothing is more important to us than protecting the security of our clients and their employees. Efficenter offers greater security and accuracy than paper-based employee administration. Adams Keegan protects your data with 256-bit secured socket layer (SSL) encryption, multiple firewalls, intrusion detection and off-site data backup. Efficenter eliminates the need to store records on-site, as well as the risk of losing physical data. By leveraging the security of Efficenter, employees gain greater control over the access and usage of data, while being empowered by self-service functionality.


Adams Keegan understands the importance of being able to access employee data whenever and wherever it’s needed. Efficenter is always available and comes equipped with immediate disaster recovery preparedness. The Adams Keegan backup generator could power a data center that is 20 times larger than needed.

Efficenter lets administration and support systems run smoothly behind the scenes, allowing companies to focus on business operations and improving their bottom line.

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