Benefits of a configured approach when it comes to HR software solutions

A one-size-fits-all approach to human resources software doesn’t quite make sense to us at Adams Keegan. Different companies have different needs, and there isn’t one pre-packaged payroll or SaaS platform that works perfectly for every organization. Our services remove administrative burdens that create operational inefficiencies for many employers, so we can customize solutions based on each organization’s particular need. The Adams Keegan approach helps organizations to operate more efficiently, and creates benefits for anyone from the C-suite to managers to front-line employees.

When developing solutions for a client, we consider a number of important factors. First, we discuss the client’s business and needs, both current and future. Then we look at their current human resources and employee administration processes. From there, we determine what processes can improve, while doing everything we can to minimize disruptions. This is critical, as we want to do everything we can to maintain the company’s culture. Finally, we craft a solution that fits the organization’s needs and culture. We feel that we become an extension of the client’s business, and pride ourselves in creating solutions that not only meet the company’s needs, but also resonate with its culture.

Efficenter®, our proprietary HRIS platform, can even be configured per organization. This platform works to seamlessly integrate general ledger, point-of-sale, applicant tracking and other systems. It automates many day-to-day transactional tasks because data only needs to be entered once, and populates the entire system.

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