How to Navigate Bringing Employees Back to Work

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, employers in the homecare industry have faced decisions that require adjusting schedules and reducing staffing levels to ensure the safety of employees and patients alike. As businesses return to a level of relative normalcy in their operations, employers are faced with yet another challenge, knowing how and when to bring back staff affected by the coronavirus or its associated economic downturn. Read on as we discuss a few common concerns employers in the homecare industry are facing and explore effective ways to address them.

Three Ways to Improve the Operational Efficiency of Your Workforce

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Knowing how to become more efficient involves streamlining processes, utilizing technological innovations and adopting new practices. A mindset of continual improvement helps ensure your organization’s long-term prosperity. Here are three simple ways you can improve the operational efficiency of your senior care business.

Adams Keegan Launches New COVID-19 Government Stimulus Resources

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Adams Keegan, a national HR, payroll and benefits provider, today announced the launch of two new tools developed to assist businesses with navigating the complexities of COVID-19-related government stimulus programs.

Every business starts at the beginning. Get your startup right from the get-go.

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In 1987, Bob Adams founded a startup to help employers with the burdens of HR, payroll and benefits administration. Today, Adams Keegan supports organizations across all 50 states. With Memphis and Start Co. hosting the Seventh Annual Startup of the Year Global Competition & Summit, it’s a good time to share some thoughts on creating a startup built to last.

Maintaining Business Operations During a Natural Disaster

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While many organizations view disaster planning as a function of risk management and safety professionals, human resources management is a key element in preparing for or recovering from any natural disaster or emergency.

The Benefits of Investing in Talented General Managers

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Identifying the right GM is also the best way to reduce employee turnover, which can be costly and operationally disruptive. Finding – and keeping – high performing GMs can help your business avoid unnecessary costs, ensure high-performance among frontline employees and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

Getting ready to close on a big deal? Take a look at people and processes.

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When searching for an HR partner to help stabilize the health of your organization, insist on a company that understands both the demands and the unique challenges of M&A integrations. A solid HR partner that has a strong demonstrated track record can help you create maximum efficiency and save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

4 Pitfalls to Avoid in HR Compliance

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Taking the necessary steps to ensure your home medical equipment (HME) business is HR compliant might seem like a no-brainer, but with all of the responsibilities you hold as a business owner, compliance can easily slip through the cracks.

Small Businesses Can Attract Big Talent

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As a small business looking to attract top talent, your challenge is to root out the individuals you want to hire and convince them that your small business offers the opportunities they’re seeking. Finding these driven individuals can be challenging, especially in a smaller city like Memphis where the labor force lacks a large pool of talented candidates.

How to ensure your payroll department is an asset

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With the right tools and networking opportunities, your payroll department can become an asset to your company by reducing risk of audits, establishing lawful policy and procedures, improving employee retention, and overall company culture.